Diane Abbott apologised for drinking a mojito on a train and the responses were amazing

Ian Forsyth/Getty Images/Twitter

Labour MP, Diane Abbott posted a tweet on Friday evening apologising for drinking a can of mojito on a London Overground train.

According to the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, a picture of her drinking the canned beverage from Marks and Spencer had begun to circulate on social media and was eventually published by The Sun.

An alcohol ban on public transport in London has been in effect since 2008 and not wishing to cause any offence, Abbott said that she was "sincerely sorry."

However, many were quick to come to the 65-year-old's defence and asked why she was even apologising in the first place? It is a bank holiday after all.

It's possibly the most relatable thing that a British politician has done for ages because let's be honest, who hasn't had a cheeky swig on public transport?

Others started to inquire about the drink and invited her to come to the pub with them.

Maybe if Labour wins the next election then no one will ever have to apologise for drinking a tinnie on train?

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