Dictionary reveals most looked up words since Trump's win - and it's terrifying
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The results of the US presidential election have some people frightened.

Donald Trump made a number of alarming comments about the use of nuclear weapons. In a CBS interview earlier this year, he said that one ought to be ‘unpredictable’ in their use of weapons of mass destruction, and has previously said he was open to dropping a nuclear bomb on Europe as it’s a ‘big place’.

Well, it seems people are trying to educate themselves, and there’s been a surge of interest in the meaning of certain words.

On Sunday the Merriam-Webster Dictionary tweeted the most popular words currently being looked up on its website:

The most looked up word is ‘fascism’, followed by ‘bigot, ‘xenophobe’ and 'racism'.

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Bernie Sanders critics probably prompted the surge in people looking up the meaning of ‘socialism’ and 'misogyny' is probably a bi-product of Trump's 'grab them by the p---y' recording.


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