Why camera angles really matter

Picture:(@VP / AP)

Yesterday wasn't just about Donald Trump, it was also about his number 2 Mike Pence.

Mr Pence was sworn in as Vice President shortly before Mr Trump and, like his new boss, Pence enjoyed a trip down the Washington Mall to celebrate his new office.

Tweeting from the official VP Twitter account, Pence said:

Making the epic journey from US Capitol to The White House with Karen and our children at our sides is a memory we will forever cherish.

The picture accompanying the tweet showed Pence making the journey, apparently waving towards an appreciative crowd:

However, eagle-eyed Twitter user Shauna tweeted this, revealing a similar moment from a slightly different camera angle.

It's true, a lot of pictures from the Mall look to be quite quiet.

Picture: Reuters(Reuters)

Very quiet in fact.

 Picture: AP(AP)

Some of the responses to Shauna's tweet were great.

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