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Yesterday wasn't just about Donald Trump, it was also about his number 2 Mike Pence.

Mr Pence was sworn in as Vice President shortly before Mr Trump and, like his new boss, Pence enjoyed a trip down the Washington Mall to celebrate his new office.

Tweeting from the official VP Twitter account, Pence said:

Making the epic journey from US Capitol to The White House with Karen and our children at our sides is a memory we will forever cherish.

The picture accompanying the tweet showed Pence making the journey, apparently waving towards an appreciative crowd:

However, eagle-eyed Twitter user Shauna tweeted this, revealing a similar moment from a slightly different camera angle.

It's true, a lot of pictures from the Mall look to be quite quiet.

US Vice President Mike Pence and his family walk to the reviewing stand during the Inaugural Parade in Washington DCPicture: Reuters

Very quiet in fact.

Vice President Mike Pence waves as he and his family walk during the inauguration parade in Washington, past nearly empty bleacher seats next to the Treasury Department Picture: AP

Some of the responses to Shauna's tweet were great.

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