This dog was abandoned by his owner right before Christmas and hundreds of people want to adopt it

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 26 December 2018 13:00

People online are rallying to help find a family to adopt two-year-old Snoop, who was abandoned on the street by his owner right before Christmas.

The horrible event was caught on CCTV and released on the internet, and shows a man leaving the young Staffordshire bull terrier's bed on the side of the road before running back to a car and driving away.

RSPCA has named the dog Snoop. He had tried to get back in the car, and jumped up against the window and ran around the vehicle in an attempt to be with his owners. As the car drove away, the poor dog chased them all the way to the traffic lights, before the car finally sped off and he went back to his bed on the side of the road.

The RSPCA released the footage, which it called "heartbreaking".

The charity is trying to track down the man who abandoned his dog, and adoption offers are pouring in.

BBC presenter Andrew Neil offered to adopt the pupper:

So disturbed by this footage. I say to RSPCA if you have trouble re-homing this little dog, I will take it gladly. 

I have been in tears. It was how the little dog tried to get back in the car that killed me.

RSPCA ambassador and DJ Kate Lawler, who has dogs herself added:

Fine. You can no longer care for your pet but for the love of God please don't abandon animals in the street. There are shelters all over the UK who can help find your pet a new home. This is the most upsetting video to watch.

RSPCA welcomed the flood of love, and said the pupper is being cared for, and is set to be re-homed into a 'loving family'.

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