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A seven-year-old girl from South Carolina had a chat with Donald Trump on the phone - and told him she still believed in Father Christmas.

Collman Lloyd, from Lexington, got the chance to chat with the US president through something called the NORAD Tracks Santa programme.

How... America.

The young Lloyd called the programme to check on Santa's progress on the eve of Christmas.

In an interview with the Post and Courier, Lloyd revealed that the NORAD scientist who answered the phone asked if she wanted to speak with the president.

Six minutes later, surprising her and the entire family, Trump answered the phone and had a little chat with her.

He asked her what she will be doing for Christmas, to which she answered:

Probably put out some cookies and then we're hanging out with our friends, so that's pretty much all.

Trump went on to ask her if she still believed in Santa.

"Yes sir," Collman responded, to which the US president said, "Because at seven, that's marginal right?"

Collman, who didn't know what "marginal" meant, responded with, "Yes sir."

Trump closed the phone call by saying, "Well you just enjoy yourself."

Collman went on to tell the Post and Courier that she, her ten year old sister and her five year old brother iced sugar cookies and a glass of chocolate milk out for Santa.


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