This guy asked his step-dad to adopt him for Christmas and it's too cute


As Christmas comes to a close, people are enjoying the presents their friends and family gifted to them.

Whether it's theatre tickets, a Pokemon onesie or a pricey PlayStation game, Christmas is a time of gift-giving.

But for one father, Christmas is the time he makes his son officially his.

Twitter user @alecyewest shared a video of his step-dad opening a special Christmas present.

Alec, who had been raised by his step-dad since the age of three, wanted to make his step dad his father officially - with adoption papers.

He wrote on Twitter:

my step father has raised me as his own since i was 3, this christmas i surprised my family and asked him to adopt me. merry christmas [sic]

Alec wrapped the adoption papers in red tissue paper and put them in a box. His step-father opened the box and as soon as his eyes landed on the papers, he said he "knows what this is".

He opened the papers and read the adoption information. And promptly burst into tears.

Needless to say, the rest of the internet was right there weeping with him.

Alec wasn't the only one to give such a precious gift to his dad.

These? Oh they're happy tears.

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