Former Trump Casino exec gives a scary insight into how the president likes to work

Darren Richman
Saturday 17 August 2019 09:30

Donald Trump’s former Casino executive has offered a frightening insight into the way the President likes to work.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Thursday, Jack O’Donnell, the erstwhile vice president of Trump’s former Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, said:

One of the cons, when we elected a businessman as the president, is that he would bring some discipline and perhaps some real strategy to the government and obviously how we operate internationally.

O’Donnell pulled no punches in his analysis of Trump’s manner of doing business:

Trump really has never had that capability ― he wasn’t strategic in his business.

It was really just the thought of the day, he did things on the spur on the moment. He bought the Taj Mahal because it was the biggest. He bought an airline because he always wanted to own an airline. He didn’t bring any economic discipline to how he operated the business and he had no strategy to really grow the business.

He concluded in no uncertain terms:

It’s pretty obvious at this point that he’s operating today the government in the exact same manner. He just has an idea and he implements it. It’s not part of a strategy, it’s just things that Donald Trump wants to do.

It appears very little has changed for Trump since his days running a casino complex.

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