Trump has reportedly asked his aides about 'buying Greenland' and there are so many jokes

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Donald Trumphas reportedly made repeated enquiries to his personal aides about the prospect of the United States purchasing Greenland.

No, you haven't accidentally clicked on an article by The Onion and you haven't woken up in a Bizarro world but this is a genuine story.

Donald Trump, president of the United States of America, appears to have set his sights on Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory and the world's largest island home to around 56,000 people.

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According to the Wall Street Journalat least two sources have reported that Trump has asked about Greenland after learning about its natural resources and geopolitical significance.

The president is said to have even consulted his White House counsel about the idea but it is in no way clear how something like this would work.

The Journal reports that Trump's interest in Greenland rocketed after a guest at a White House dinner in Spring told Trump that the Danes were struggling to fun the £420m subsidy that they send to the island every 12 months.

The guest then told Trump that he should think about buying and being a real-estate mogul at heart, seemed to love the idea and asked the room.

What do you guys think about that? Do you think it would work?

It remains to be seen if this will ever come to fruition or if it was just idle hearsay that the president is known to engage in.

That being said the truly surreal nature of the story has caught the internet's imagination and there are a lot of memes. Here are some of our favourites.

So that's what MAGA actually stands for.

Some have joked that Trump might only be interested in Greenland in order to build some more of his hideous hotels.

There could be a more concerning reason for Trump's interest in Greenland.

Others chose to use the story to highlight some much more concerning problems that currently exist in the United States.

Fun fact: Beside Britain, Greenland is the only other country to leave the European Union, having joined it alongside Denmark in 1973 before gaining autonomy, voting to leave in 1982 and then eventually leaving in 1985.

Now that Trump is said to be interested in buying it, we can only shudder at what his interest in Britain will be after Brexit is complete.

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