Trump Wisconsin rally: 8 most bizarre things that happened last night

Trump Wisconsin rally: 8 most bizarre things that happened last night

Trump is back again with yet another absurd rally.

This time the president spoke to a crowd at Mosinee, Wisconsin, in a county that saw over 900 coronavirus cases in the past two days.

Unsurprisingly, Trump spent most of his speech bashing Democrats, but here are a few of the most worrying things he said.

Before he even started talking, things weren’t looking good.

The rally kicked off with Trump disembarking from Air Force One to the sounds of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Fortunate Son’... again.

Trump apparently did not listen to everyone (songwriter John Fogerty included) pointing out how hypocritical it is to walk out to a song about rich men who avoided serving in Vietnam when you’re, well, a rich man who avoided serving in Vietnam.

He then began his speech by criticising Joe Biden, claiming that his campaign promises “no guns, no religion, no energy, no oil.”

After attacking his opponent, Trump went on a bizarre rant about a trade deal with Canada over “speciality milk”.

They had something called speciality milk. It's a small little grouping of milks. Speciality milk. But this was the final straw.

And I met some people. And Canada finally did it to them like they did it to everyone else. And they raised the tariffs massively. They made it impossible. They tried to take over that business too, along with all of the other dairy products where it was just massive and horribly what they did. And that really got me going. 

Nope, us neither.

The president then pronounced his opponent’s party incorrectly, seemingly forgetting what the word “Democrat” sounds like. (Maybe he was going for demo-crah-tees.)

He then went on to attack Elizabeth Warren, referring to her as ‘Pocahontas’ once again.

This is a racial slur based on Warren's Native American ancestry, which he's repeated – and been called out for – many times.

Next, Trump muses about the fact that he has no friends since becoming president, but also says that he prefers having friends who are less successful than him so he can "feel powerful".

I lost all of my friends because of this position. Everybody was nice and loose. You could have a great conversation. You don’t want to know what we talked about, it’s just none of your business.

But we were loose. All of a sudden I become president of the United States. And I know a lot of important people.

Actually, the people I like the best are less successful because it makes you feel so powerful. I always say: 'Never go out with a successful person.”'But I know a lot of successful people, and now they call me up. 'Mr President, would you like to get together some time?' I say, 'Loosen up. Call me Donald. You’ve known me for 30 years.' 

Now I’ve lost all my friends because it’s respect for the office. They used to be loose. They used to be great. I’m not a drinker but you could sit and have a drink. And now you can’t do that anymore, so I have to rely on people in congress to be my friends. 

Tiny violin, please.

Since it’s apparently 2016 again, Trump also ranted about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Finally, to top it all off, he appeared to forget the name of the city he’s in and asked the crowd to give him the “proper pronunciation”.

Maybe one to make note of in future...

Until next time when Trump holds a rally in another city he doesn’t know.

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