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Donald Trump’s strange letter to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has gone viral twice over - first because of its bizarre content and now thanks to a hilarious Trump impersonator.

Anthony Atamanuik, a Trump impersonator who portrayed the US president on Comedy Central’s The President Show, voiced a hilarious “leaked” clip and shared it on Twitter, to many giggles.

Speaking as though he were president, Atamanuik deliberately mispronounced words, much like his counterpart, and referred to the Turkish capital of Ankara by calling it “Anakin.”

He captioned the tweet:

Leaked audio of @realDonaldTrump dictating his letter to Erdogan. Enjoy.”

Needless to say, people shared in the hilarity

Star Wars' Mark Hamill joined in

The letter, which compelled Erdogan, "don't be a tough guy" and "fool" was received by the Turkish president, and upon reading, reportedly chucked "in the bin."

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