Donald Trump Jr hilariously ridiculed for ‘pathetic’ tweet about Super Bowl

Donald Trump Jr hilariously ridiculed for ‘pathetic’ tweet about Super Bowl
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Donald Trump Jr is being hilariously ridiculed for his “pathetic” Super Bowl halftime tweet. 

The former president’s son wrote: 

“One comercial [sic] in and it’s already woketopia.”   

It’s unclear which advert exactly prompted this comment, but some people think that it was Jeep’s Bruce Springsteen advert

In the two minute ad, Springsteen calls for Americans to “meet in the middle”, noting that it has been a “hard place to get to lately, between red and blue”. The call for unity and for people to “reunite” and “find common ground” is clearly a comment on the division sewn during Trump’s years in office. 

Other adverts were also accused of being “woke” (a term usually used to mean politically correct and progressive) because of the liberal messages they appeared to espouse; for instance, an NFL Inspire Change advert depicted Black Lives Matter protesters.

Using the parlance of the socially right, people joked that Trump was “triggered” by the ads and wanted them to be “cancelled”.

Plenty of people also responded to Trump's comment with jokes about his father's lack of Twitter presence.

And his newfound irrelevance.

The Super Bowl halftime adverts are almost as much of an event as the halftime performance, or even the game itself.

They're hotly anticipated every year and usually made on an enormous budget.

This year's ads were no different, featuring A-list celebrities like Dolly Parton, Timothee Chalamet and Michael B Jordan.

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