Trump said that the Moon was 'a part of Mars' and the jokes wrote themselves

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Another day, another bizarre Trump tweet and this might be the oddest one yet.

We all know that the Trump administration has ambitions of venturing into space but it appears that the president's knowledge of the solar system, would see him fail most primary school tests.

In a tweet posted on Friday, the president lamented Nasa for attempting another mission to the moon, despite him promising the organisation $1.6 billion for the mission which he wants to happen by 2024.

Unfortunately for Trump, that wasn't the worst part of the tweet as he later went on to claim that Nasa should be looking to travel to Mars instead, which is apparently a part of the Moon.

No, we've got absolutely nothing on this and can't even begin to comprehend what he was trying to convey in this message.

The general weirdness of this tweet did not go unnoticed and you better believe that Twitter took it upon themselves to tell the president that the Moon and Mars are literally two different entities.

However, the best responses came in memes and jokes and it looks like people had a lot of fun with this.

Although Trump's tweet reads like gibberish it would appear that he was suggesting something that he was hinting at something which is kind of true.

Nasa are currently preparing missions to the Moon as potential experiments to learn more about the challenges of sending humans to Mars.

This was confirmed by Nasa administrator Jim Bridenstine and also in a segment featuring Nasa chief financial officer Jeff DeWitt on Fox Business, which Trump was more than likely watching and got confused.

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