As the great George Costanza once said "it's not a lie if people believe you" which is clearly something that Donald Trump has taken to heart.

Despite US attorney general William Barr finding Trump not guilty of colluding with Russian authorities during the 2016 election, Barr is today set to release a redacted version of the Mueller report to Congress on discs.

Although the report did not believe that Trump's team had directly collaborated with Russia in order to win the election, it didn't exonerate him either and Congress want to get a closer look at the report to see what special counsel Robert Mueller actually found.

Obviously if the original report found Trump to be innocent then he shouldn't have anything to worry about this time around.

Not that it's stopped the President from repeatedly tweeting about exactly how he feels about the report being released to Congress.

As you can see, he is fairly confident that all is fine and just to emphasise the point further, Trump has released an incredibly dramatic mix tape of the many, many times that Trump uttered the words 'no collusion'.

We have to admit, it's a fascinating piece of editing.

As you can imagine, this little video has attracted a lot of attention on Twitter and people are responding exactly as you would expect.

Meanwhile, Fox News thought it was so great that they decided to make their own version.

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