Trump suggested SNL is colluding with Russia and the internet had a field day

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Donald Trump must have woken up on the wrong side of his bed this morning, as he took to Twitter to rant about how he now believes SNL is colluding with Russia. Yes, really.

In a series of tweets posted this morning, the president ranted about everything from how SNL should be investigated to "Crooked Hillary".

Let's dig into some of these tweets, shall we?

First, the president called out SNL for being “not funny/no talent.” POTUS then said he feels that the comedy show should have made fun of “the other side".

But people were quick to point out that the SNL episode Trump was referring to was actually a Christmas re-run, taking the opportunity to roast the president, yet again.

While we're at it, Trump obviously also had to bring up the infamous "Witch Hunt" again, naturally throwing in a few jabs at "Crooked Hillary" (again) and mentioning CNN's "low ratings" (again).

Here are Trump's three favourite things, all wrapped up in a tweet:

Having worked himself into a full on rage by this point, the president then took it one step further by attacking the late senator (and war hero) John McCain over his role in spreading the Russia-collusion rumour weeks after Trump's election in 2016.

This comes only weeks after a conservative commentator at CPAC caused outrage after attacking "the ghost of John McCain".

The rant finished roughly 50 minutes after it started when President Trump remembered it was St Patrick's Day.

Annnnnd that's it (for now).

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