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Donald Trump's spiritual adviser wants you to give her money - and has appeared to threaten divine 'consequences' if you don't.

Paula White promises miraculous results from God if you give away your "first fruits" of the year. In this instance, the fruit she is talking about is money, and the entity who will be receiving that money is her.

After calling for donations of up to one month's salary, the popular televangelist, who chairs Trump's evangelical advisory committee, almost makes it sounds like a good deal.

In exchange for your hard earned cash, she offers "miraculous" results from God and even a wall calendar if you pay her $75 or more.

Her website declares:

When you sow a First Fruits Offering of $75 or more, I will rush to you the book, the devotional, and also A PAULA WHITE 2018 WALL CALENDAR! Track throughout the entire year

The website also implies that there will be consequences if you don't offer your "first fruits".

When you honor this principle it provides the foundation and structure for God’s blessings and promises in your life, it unlocks deep dimensions of spiritual truths that literally transform your life! 

When you apply this everything comes in divine alignment for His plan and promises for you. 

When you don’t honor it, whether through ignorance or direct disobedience there are consequences.

The site claims that White makes the "big sacrifice" each year.

Each January, I put God first and honor Him with the first of our substance by sowing a first fruits offering of one month’s pay.

That is a big sacrifice, but it is a seed for the harvest I am believing for in the coming year. And God always provides!

Though White says these first fruits "belong to God and God alone", she is calling for them to be sent straight to Paula White Ministries.

Picture:Picture: paulawhite.org

Senator Charles E Grassley launched an investigation into White's spending in 2007, but it ended three years later without reaching any conclusions.

indy100 has approached White for comment.

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