As we should all know by this point, Donald Trump, real-estate mogul and Republican frontrunner, has said some ludicrously awful things.

He's been endorsed by a former KKK leader, has been praised by the leader of the Nation of Islam and he can't tell his words apart from those of a fascist dictator.

Regardless, his campaign appears to be bundling along nicely, set to achieve the Republican nomination.

However, this image, originally tweeted by a FOX News reporter, may have given some of his supporters pause for thought:

We don't have to tell you why armbands not be a great idea.

However, the whole thing was a stunt, by a comedy duo, as verified (sort of) by the reporter later:

The pair were also behind the hoax skit at a recent Marco Rubio rally, in which one of them stood up to shout "Marco Rubio stole my girlfriend!", as well as these vicious t-shirts:

So thankfully, we haven't got to the stage of Trump fanaticism where armbands are being worn.

Or have we?

Now his supporters have set up a vigilante guard called "Lions of Trump", an organisation dedicated to identifying protesters at Trump rallies.

The first (eclectically phrased) post on their website this morning reads:

The foes arrayed against the movement to Make America Great Again are not invincible. If there is one word to describe them, they are vain. They act not out of a sense of patriotism but a compulsive need for affirmation that they are morally superior. With the advent of social media, this quest for recognition has taken new directions. In the past, these rabble would find much needed approval at their turncoat gatherings, seeing fellow cultists recite the same slogans and pantomime the same charades. Today, these malcontents can get their approval before they even engage in their pretentious farces by merely broadcasting their plans. They are not hesitant to announce their depravity because they think there are no consequences for their conduct. They gloat while under the hallucination they are above the law.

Storm Trumpers, anyone?

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