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Sometimes you see a story that makes you question whether human life was some sort of miracle that just happened by chance a few hundred thousand years ago.

Today we are keeping that thought in our head after Donald Trump met a Louisiana politician on Tuesday, who was wearing socks featuring the president's image, complete with his famous hairdo.

The man wearing the socks was lieutenant governor Billy Nungesser, a Louisana Republican who met Trump on the runway of the Chennault International Airport in Lake Charles, where he delivered a speech on energy infrastructure and economic growth.

While the speech appeared to be just as bizarre and clueless as you would imagine, the socks, which reportedly come with a miniature comb for the 'hair,' somehow managed to overshadow everything Trump said and became a viral hit on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly people were not very impressed by the socks.

Either way, these socks are an abomination and are equally troubling given that Trump is flirting starting a conflict with Iran.

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