Donald Trump trying to kiss Hope Hicks has become the internet's new favourite meme

CNN Screengrab

Hope Hicks was at the White House giving her final farewells to President Donald Trump.

The former communications director resigned last month following reports that she told the House Intelligence Committee that she was occasionally required to tell “white lies” as part of her job.

President Trump was pictured with Hicks outside the Oval Office in what appeared to be a final, filmed goodbye.

He gave her a peck on the cheek, shook her hand and then appeared to attempt another kiss.

Maybe the 29-year-old didn’t see the kiss coming. Or, as many people on the internet argue, perhaps she didn’t want the second kiss.

Whatever the reason, she dodged it with an expert level of 1,000, and Twitter erupted in cheer.

And, lo, a new meme was born.

And it is good.

There's even a caption contest.

Uh, this isn't the first time a woman appeared to dodge Trump. The last time it happened, it was his wife.


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