The word 's***hole' is being projected onto Trump's hotel in Washington

The word 's***hole' is being projected onto Trump's hotel in Washington

An artist has used a projector to beam a display onto a Trump hotel, which features a rude word the President has recently become associated with.

Earlier this week Donald Trump was reported to have used the term "sh**hole countries" when discussing the subject of immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and parts of Africa.

The comments, which Trump has denied uttering, have sparked fury and backlash against the President, with protests taking many different forms.

Perhaps the most elaborate and eye-catching protest to date has come from multimedia artist Robin Bell, who projected "This place is a sh**hole" onto a Trump hotel in Washington D.C.

He streamed the display on Periscope and Twitter and it quickly went viral.

Surrounded by the infamous poo emoji, the entire display reads:

Not a DC resident. Need a place to stay.

Try our sh**hole. This place is a sh**hole

We are all responsible to stand up and end white supremacy.

This is not normal. Stay vigilant. #Resist.

The President distracts us from politics that are harming us.

Pay Trump bribes here.

Bell also shared other projections from slightly earlier in the evening.

This isn't the first time that Bell has projected criticisms of Trump and his administration onto public buildings.

In 2017 he beamed messages onto the same D.C. Hotel calling the President a "Nazi sympathiser," telling people to "pay bribes here" and to advocate LGBT rights.

He also projected a message onto the Department of Justice Building in May, demanding that Jeff Sessions be fired due to comments he made about the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s.

The Washington Post report that Bell projected the images and words onto the hotel for 40 minutes.

indy100 has contacted Bell for a comment.

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