For everyone struggling to deal with Donald Trump there's finally a solution

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President Donald Trump is rapidly turning from a worrying figure into an unpredictable disaster waiting to happen.

In the past few weeks he has:

  • Proposed a second attempt at an immigration ban.

  • Cemented a worrying attitude towards climate change with the EPA.

  • Repeatedly sent confusing and often incorrect statements out on Twitter.

  • Accused the Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Tower.

  • And his administration are reportedly making some seriously worrying changes to the US' counter-extremism programmes.

And of course there's his hair:

Well, for all you suffering souls, there may be relief.

Impeachara: the solution for all your Trumptoms.

Do you find yourself feeling depressed?


Constant arguments with family and friends?

Or even friends of friends on Facebook?

The constant urge to pull out your hair?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you may be suffering from T.I.A.D: Trump Induced Anxiety Disorder.

Here's a video about it:

FYI this is a parody.

The advert, which has been viewed almost 200,000 times is the brainchild of director Sam Friedlander.

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