Scottish Conservative leader tricked into saying NFSW comment during live steam

Scottish Conservative leader tricked into saying NFSW comment during live steam

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives was left red-faced when he was pranked into making a rude comment on a Facebook Live.

Douglas Ross was tricked by a viewer as he took part in the live stream on his own Facebook page this week.

Someone using the name David Oxsmells submitted a question to the politician, a trap that the politician fell face into.

He rose to the bait from Mr Oxsmells, who without the leader knowing, had tricked him into basically saying “my c**k smells”

During the question and answer stint, Ross spotted a question, that he read out, “So, Mike Oxsmells, ‘Stop ignoring the tough questions.”

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“I’m really not,” Ross snapped back.

The blunder was spotted by other viewers of the live stream, which was watched by more than a 1,000 people.

Twitter lit up following the successful prank that got the high profile figure in Scottish politics.

This is not the first humiliation of the Scottish Conservatives this week alone. They recently fell right on their face demanding a vote of no confidence in the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon before she was cleared of violating the ministerial code by an independent advisor.

She did not win a vote against her fellow MSPs who said, by one vote and all on party lines, about misleading the Scottish parliament. However, speaking at Holyrood, Sturgeon said, “If you want to remove me as First Minister, do it an election”

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