Child's dad withdraws son from school after he was threatened to be de-registered for 'having dreadlocks'

The first day of school is wrought with an uncomfortable combination of nerves and excitement, but for one young boy in America, it was the day he was stopped from going school – for having dreadlocks.

Clinton Stanley Sr was taking his six-year-old son Clinton Jr to his first day of school at A Book’s Christian Academy in Apopka, Florida.

Problems arose when the school administrator told him his son, who was wearing dreadlocks, had to cut them off or be unenrolled from school.

According to the school’s handbook, all boys must have their hair cut above the ear.

Clinton’s dad captured the interaction on his phone and posted it online.

In the clip, he recorded his conversation with the school’s admin. He asked if he can braid his son’s hair. They said no.

He told local news station WESH 2 News via Daily Dot:

If a kid has dreadlocks, that’s your personal standard. Meaning, that’s a personal problem you haven’t overcome, because 95 percent of the kids who have dreadlocks are African American.

Eventually, the clip shows him requesting to withdraw his child from the school.

School director John Brook said the school dress code had nothing to do with race. He told the station he’s ‘obviously not a racist’ because most of the children in the school are Black.

The following day, Stanley enrolled his son in another school, one that had no problem with his hair.

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