What you dream about depends on your personality

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What we dream about at night is allegedly less connected to how comfortably we sleep, and more to do with our personalities and whether we are introverted or extroverted.

A study by Best Mattress Brand looked at the sleeping patterns and dreams that introverts and extroverts experience, and has attempted to place them into separate groups.

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - which groups people as either introverts or extroverts - the company asked over 1000 Americans about their sleep to determine which dreams personality types experience the most.

Participants answered a series of questions about what goes through their heads at night and how they feel afterwards.

These questions asked how often they dreamed about their father, taking another life, travelling, flying, their friends, lovers and being naked and so on.

It also accounted for how alert and energised people felt when they were awake, how interested people were in interpreting their dreams, how lucid their dreams were and how frequently they had nightmares.

The study claims it was able to pinpoint 16 different personality types based on sleep and dreams.

They were as follows:

The Logistician

  • ​​Dream about their father less
  • Dream about murdering someone less

The Defender

  • Dream about being back at school less
  • Dream about flying less
  • Dream about travelling less

The Advocate

  • Dream about being unable to move often

The Architect

  • Dream about travelling the least

The Virtuoso

  • Dream about the future the least

The Adventurer

  • Dream about friends the least

The Mediator

  • Has nightmares the most
  • Interested in what their dreams mean

The Logician

  • Dream about a crush or their partner the most

The Entrepreneur

  • Dream about not wearing clothes in public the most
  • Dream about talking to their crush the most
  • Dream about flying the most
  • Dream about the future the most

The Entertainer

  • Falls asleep when they want to stay awake the most
  • Dream about their crush or partner the most

The Campaigner

  • Has lucid dreams the most

The Debater

  • Remembers their dreams the least
  • Dreams about murdering someone the most

The Executive

  • Satisfied with their energy during waking hours the most

The Consul

  • Most satisfied with their feeling of alertness during waking hours
  • Has nightmares the least

The Protagonist

  • Remembers their dreams the most

The Commander

  • Least interested in interpreting their dreams

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