Maris Mayol Tian

A delivery driver in the Philippines has become a viral hit for performing a decent, friendly and simple gesture.

As Elpegie Palmares Sicor, a driver for Jollibee, one of the most popular fast food chains in the country, prepared to drop off an order at the house of Maris Moyal Tian in Bacolod, he was beckoned over by her 92-year-old neighbour.

The neighbour, who Maris calls Nanay, began to ask Elpegie what was in his bag as she also wanted to order it and began to list off exactly what she wanted.

Rather than politely explain that she would have to make her order over the phone to someone back at the restaurant, he instead whipped out his phone and begun making the order for her.

Maris watched him help Nanay and took a photo of this heartwarming moment which quickly went viral after she posted it on Facebook.

Maris posted the photo on September 7 and at the time of writing has already received more than 300,000 reactions on the social media site.

Speaking to BuzzFeedshe said:

I found that really cute.

Not a lot of young people pay attention to old people, but he did, so I ran inside the house to look for my phone and took a photo.

I didn’t expect anything like this to happen. But it’s a nice feeling when you get to share good vibes and positivity with people you don’t know.

According to BuzzFeed, Elpegie has only been working for Jolllibee for three months and decided to take the order as it was part of his job to deliver customer service.

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