Pizza delivery guy asks to play piano, blows family away

Pizza delivery guy asks to play piano, blows family away

For most of us, the best extra we get with our takeaway is an accidental, unexpected portion of chips.

But this family's evening was given an surprise, classy twist when their Hungry Howie's delivery boy asked to play their piano.

When he was handing over a pepperoni pizza to the Varchetti family outside Detroit, Bryce Dudal noticed their piano and asked if he could play their baby grand.

It turns out that delivering delicious pizza is not 18-year-old Dudal's only talent: he is also a piano prodigy and treated the family to the third moment of Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata from memory.

Dudal, who said he is self-taught and has just graduated high school, wowed the family.

Julie Varchetti told The Washington Post he was "beyond good" and shared a recording of him playing on Facebook, where it has racked up over 490k views and 3.7k shares.

Dudal, who has been playing since he was six years old, told the publication:

A lot of people sit down at the piano and play something slow and beautiful.

But when I play for someone, I like to go all out.

The recent attention he has gained since the video has renewed his interest in music, years on from when he was first entranced by "Moonlight Sonata" aged 6 or 7.

He said he loves surprising audiences with his hidden talent:

All they see is a pizza delivery guy.

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