While Republicans line up to defend Trump’s lawsuits against the election results, and people urge the campaign to concede, it’s not hard to imagine what the reaction would have been if the roles were reversed.

A clip cut by The Daily Show depicts clips of Republican pundits and commentators speaking their mind after the 2018 post-midterm elections.

Statements included:

Democrats, more so than Republicans, seem to have a problem conceding defeat. Either the election system broke down or some mystery votes are hiding somewhere.’


Accusing republicans of outright stealing the elections. Kinda rich. Ya know what, sounds sore loser-ish.

One pundit even asks:

What if these were republicans refusing to concede?’

(Don’t worry this is exactly what happens in 2020.)

Tomi Lahren, the right-wing social media commentator who has been tweeting about Biden’s recent win citing fraudulent behaviour, also had something to say on soon after President Trump won the 2016 election.

People criticised Republicans for their ‘ridiculous’ and ‘hypocritical’ behaviour as the president shows no signs of admitting defeat four days after the election was called.

Sometimes life comes at you fast and the internet is your worst enemy, but as more and more Republicans support the president's refusal to concede, we doubt this will be the last time we see a video like this.

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