Football fans partied through the night after England beat Ukraine in the quarter-final Euros match.

After England scored four goals against Ukraine, there was a jubilant atmosphere across the country as parties erupted.

Speaking to the BBC, one fan said: “We’ve come from Munich, it’s like a ten hour drive but it was well, well worth it.”

Another added: “Couldn’t have wished for better, it’s coming home!”

England fans clashed with police in London. According to The Mirror, a line of police officers tried to disperse fans from Leicester Square while one supporter was seen letting off a flare in Piccadilly Circus.

Meanwhile, the Metro reports that in Trafalgar Square, fans got up on the tables and repeatedly threw beer over each other despite pleas from security and threats from organisers that they would cut the feed to the match if they did not sit down.

Here is a taste of the action, as it happened:

A couple share a kiss after England beat UkraineA couple share a kiss after England beat UkraineGetty Images


The police struggled to contain crowdsThe police struggled to contain crowdsREUTERS

Euro 2020 - Fans gather in London ahead of Ukraine v EnglandREUTERS

Fans celebrate in ManchesterFans celebrate in ManchesterPA Wire

Fans in BoxPark Croydon celebrate Harry Maguire\u2019s goalFans in BoxPark Croydon celebrate Harry Maguire’s goalPA Wire

Fans climb a statue in Piccadilly CircusFans climb a statue in Piccadilly CircusPA

England will play Denmark in a semi-final match against Denmark on Wednesday. More than ever, it looks like football could be coming home.

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