Eric Trump suggested that Joe Biden was in 'cognitive decline' – but it massively backfired
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People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones – especially if you're a member of the Trump family.

Eric Trump, one of President Trump's sons, wrote a long tweet over the weekend about Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, is apparently unfit to be president. His reason? Apparently, cognitive decline.

He even went onto say that 'the potential of this condition' must be addressed, 'sad and difficult' as it may be.

People were quick to point out that Eric Trump was really in no position to be casting aspersions on other people's fitness for the role of president.

People pointed out that his father had recently gone onto TV to talk about how difficult he had found a relatively easy cognitive test – even bragging about how hard he had found it.

It's just another example of how the Trumps – as a family – seem to think that they're immune from criticism. It's also worth pointing out that Eric seems to have gotten the majority of his work from his father, including his current job (so maybe he shouldn't be talking about other people's capabilities for work). For a couple of months, Donald Trump and his administration have called Joe Biden, 'Sleepy Joe' as part of the presidential race for the November 2020 election.

But if you're the son of a president who frequently rambles and rants to the point of incoherence, then perhaps it's not worth bringing up the cognitive abilities of other people.

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