Eric Trump has attempted to distance himself from claims that he knows Robert Hyde, a new figure in the impeachment trial, despite there being numerous pictures of the two together.

Hyde emerged as another potential key figure in the impeachment of president Trump after text messages from newly released documents and an interview with Lev Parnas on MSNBC, show that Hyde was involved in efforts to remove Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Kiev, from her role.

Hyde, who is attempting to become a congressman for northwest Connecticut, is a Trump supporter and has donated thousands to the president's campaign and other Republican groups.

He has also promoted a false QAnon conspiracy theory on social media that the Californian Democrat Adam Schiff, was involved in a child trafficking ring.

In addition, Hyde also likes to take a lot of selfies with prominent Republicans and post them on Instagram.

This thread from Parker Molloy of Media Matters highlights just a few of the figures that he has bumped into on his travels.

If that wasn't enough here is virtually the entire Trump family, including Tiffany.

You might notice that one of those people is Eric Trump so it would be fair to say that although they might not be friends, they have crossed paths on more than one occasion.

Well, according to Eric he has no idea who Hyde is and has no recollection of meeting him.

In an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday, the 36-year-old son of the president was adamant that he didn't know him, which is something that Hyde has also claimed.

Speaking to Martha MacCallum, Trump said:

Listen, we take thousands of selfies a day, I have no idea who the guy is. Good, bad or indifferent. 

As you can probably imagine, the current situation of our lives, we have camera phones stuck in our face everyday, you take nice pictures with people and you know, it's what you do. I have no idea who this guy is. 

As you can imagine, people aren't buying this and photos of Trump with Hyde are now all over Twitter.


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