Eric Trump just introduced the 'LOPA hat' and it's getting absolutely shredded by memes

Darren Richman
Friday 29 November 2019 16:15

In the latest embarrassing moment for the president's family, Eric Trump has taken to Twitter and posted a red baseball cap with LOPA instead of the infamous MAGA and he’s been roundly mocked by the good people of the internet.

Using the caption, “#LeaveOurPresidentAlone”, the President’s son inadvertently called to mind the infamous “Leave Britney Alone” viral video from last decade.

This comes just a few weeks after Eric attempted to use the impeachment hearings to sell the family’s wine. The hat is not yet available to buy on the Trump campaign website but that hasn’t stopped the critics having their say.

The best part is that "Lopa" apparently means "cow" in Albanian, "theft" in Sanskrit and "shed" in Slovenian, Melania's native tongue.

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