What does Justine Miliband think of her husband's new status as a sex symbol? Thanks to Jeremy Vine's BBC Radio 2 show , we already know.

Speaking on Wednesday lunchtime, Ed Miliband said his partner responded to the Milifandom pretty much like everyone else did - she "thought it must be a case of mistaken identity".

"I then tried to convince her it wasn't a case of mistaken identity and she went from amused to bemused, I think it's fair to say," he said.

"I actually think to be fair to the young woman who set the whole thing up - as I understand it from having read about it this morning - she's actually seriously talking about the voice of young people in politics.

"There's a serious point here, which is hearing the voices of young people in our politics."

During the interview Vine also read out a message from Milifan Chloe which claimed "If I ever met Ed Miliband I could die happy. He's cool".

Ed Miliband replied, somewhat accurately: "I'm definitely blushing now... I certainly wouldn't claim to be cool, by the way."

You can listen to Ed talk about the Milifandom from 1:29 here.

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