Famous lawyer Amal Clooney somehow still facing everyday sexism

Famous lawyer Amal Clooney somehow still facing everyday sexism

Internationally acclaimed human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is representing one of three Al Jazeera English journalists on trial in Egypt.

But here's how the Associated Press news agency decided to refer to her in a tweet:

Needless to say, it didn't go down well:

Sadly this whole story is extremely depressing: The Canadian national Clooney was representing, Mohammed Fahmy, and his Egyptian colleague Baher Mohamed were today jailed for three years for aiding a "terrorist organisation" (the Muslim Brotherhood).

In a statement issued after the Cairo verdicts, Al Jazeera Media Network’s acting director general Dr Mostefa Souag said

Today's verdict defies logic and common sense. Our colleagues Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy will now have to return to prison, and Peter Greste is sentenced in absentia.

The whole case has been heavily politicised and has not been conducted in a free and fair manner.

Former BBC journalist Greste was deported to his native Australia in February, but he was also retried in absentia and sentenced to three years.

The trial has been renounced by foreign governments and support has poured in from around the world for the three journalists.

Mohamed Fahmy (left) and Baher Mohamed arriving for the start of their trial in June

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