Flight attendant sings 'throw away your masks' after mandate dropped on planes

Flight attendant sings 'throw away your masks' after mandate dropped on planes
These Airlines Have Made Masks Optional

A flight attendant was filmed singing "throw away your masks" on a plane after the mask mandate dropped.

Following a ruling on April 18, the Transportation Security Administration announced it will no longer be enforcing the mask requirement. Previously, required travelers to wear masks for airline travel and on subway trains, buses, taxis, app-based rides and at transit hubs like airports, ferry terminals, subway stations and ports.

Within hours of the ruling, several major US airlines – American, Delta, Southwest, United and Alaska Air announced that masks will no longer be required to board their flights.

Amid the news of laxed Covid-19 regulations, many saw an impact occur instantly in real time, including the reaction from flight attendants.

One tweet read, "Posting again because Twitter deleted (?) The end of the #maskmandate has this plane singing 🎶 Throw away your masks 🎶."

Many expressed their anger with the now-viral video and pointed out the danger this implies for those that are immunocompromised.

"Well traveling just got more terrifying for me. I’m chronically ill + serious autoimmune disease, so had to take precautions before Covid - so the pandemic made things worse for people like me. Most people don’t have compassion for us," read one tweet.

Another tweet read, "If I had a flight attendant, or anyone for that matter, come up to me on a plane or any form of public transportation with a bag to throw out the mask I’m wearing, all they’d be getting from me is this: 🖕."

On the other hand, there were others who were happy about the scene.

"Lol the anger at this is mind blowing. What did people do before Covid???? I’m so happy we’re slowly getting back to LIVING," said one person.

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