Expert reveals the two words you should never say on a plane
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Remaining sensible is always an important thing to do when you are on a plane flight but no matter what you do there is one thing that you should never tell a member of the cabin crew.

Willis Orlando is a senior product operations specialist at the insider-intel platform Scott’s Cheap Flights and recently told">Yahoo the two words that you should never tell an inflight steward: “I’m drunk.”

That’s right. Even if you aren’t intoxicated the cabin crew could deem you a problem if you are joking around with them and eject you from a flight and the consequences could get worse from there.

Orlando explains: “Certainly a lot of us get very convivial with flight attendants and we want to pal around with them and make these kinds of jokes and we feel light-hearted—and maybe we make a joke about being intoxicated.”

This is all because the cabin crew after to make a quick decision as to whether you are safe to stay on board the flight otherwise they have the right to throw you off or issue a fine.

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Orlando adds: “There are also things that they can do to penalise you. They could put you on a list of problem passengers—and this could all be misunderstanding if you make a simple joke.”

You may not know, that despite alcohol being available to passengers on a plane, it is illegal to be drunk on a commercial flight and to drink your own alcohol. This includes anything purchased in the duty-free section.

If you are in the United States you could be hit with a maximum sentence of two years’ imprisonment according to the Civil Aviation Authority, or fines up to $145,000. Interestingly, the likes of Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have stopped selling alcohol on flights altogether.

Meanwhile, in Europe, RyanAir has had to warn people travelling to Spain that no alcohol whatsoever can be brought into the cabin.

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