Florida politician ridiculed after outlandish rant claiming Beyoncé 'faking' being Black

A congressional candidate in Florida sent a bizarre series of tweets over the weekend, linking singers to George Soros and saying that Beyoncé is Italian-American.

KW Miller is running for a seat in the 18th Congressional District in Florida, in the southeast of the state. He’s non-affiliated, but who knows how much longer he’ll actually be in the race – especially after these tweets.

In a series of bizarre tweets posted over the weekend, Miller said that Beyonce wasn’t "even" Black and much more.

On Saturday night, he sent the first tweet linking Beyoncé to QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theiry that claims the "deep state" is conspiring against Trumo, saying that she was part of the “Soros Deep State agenda”.

Conspiracy theorists on the Internet often link celebrities and movements to left-wing Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, as part of an antisemitic trope. Miller finished the tweet saying that Beyoncé is “on notice” in caps.

He also said that Beyoncé's real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi, and that she was Italian, not Black. He accused her of trying to further racial divides and called Black Lives Matter a Marxist movement.

He continued to tweet about Beyonce over the weekend, saying that her hit song ‘Formation’ was a secret message to ‘globalists’ – another term used in antisemitic conspiracy theories – and that she worshipped at Satanist churches.

Beyoncé wasn’t the only subject of Miller’s bizarre Twitter rant. The other was global icon and singer from the 90s – Patti LaBelle. Miller said the lyrics to one of her hit songs seemed to be professing an allegiance to ‘Lucifer’.

The thread, which started with Beyoncé, went on for several tweets, and Miller has continued to tweet about the deep state, Jeffrey Epstein, the Clintons and many more figures who often feature prominently in American conspiracy theories throughout the weekend.

On social media, people were fairly surprised – to say the least.

Some pointed that he may have gotten his information from fanfiction about Ariana Grande and Beyoncé, of all places. He even uses one of the names mentioned in the fanfic.

Others pointed out that, jokes aside, this is a seriously troubling vibe from someone who is running for public office.

Others pointed out that the is the second person who publicly professed an interest in QAnon running for office in Florida.

There is a chance that these tweets are foul play and that Miller was actually hacked, which some are suggesting.

However, KW Miller has previously posted similar messages on a GoFundMe for his campaign, as well as on his Facebook page. He’s also posted videos of himself talking about the ideas he’s tweeting about.

The tweets are still up on his page, and Miller has doubled down, saying that he’s absolutely not joking, and asking if the people criticising him still have their “mummy tuck [them] into bed”.

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