Cesar Sayoc: Fox News denies censoring pro-Trump stickers on pipe bomb suspect's van

Cesar Sayoc: Fox News denies censoring pro-Trump stickers on pipe bomb suspect's van

On Friday, 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc was arrested on suspicion of sending 'explosive devices' to leading Democrats and CNN.

A van that belonged to the Florida native was also ceased by the authorities, with the vehicle being adorned in numerous stickers supporting Donald Trump as well as attacking his opponents.

Footage of the van began airing on all major news networks but a viral tweet sent by screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer, claimed that Fox News were censoring the stickers during their coverage.

At the time of writing the tweet has received over 24,000 retweets and 58,000 likes.

She followed the tweet up with an image of the vans stickers, which she claimed was from Fox's broadcast.

Although this image is from a distance and would appear inconclusive in supporting these claims, other Twitter users began to support the statement.

Others weren't so convinced and began sharing pictures of the vans' stickers.

Here is the footage of the van that Fox News aired on their network, which was similar to the footage that MSNBC and CNNalso broadcast.

In a statement given to The Daily Dot, Fox denied censoring the stickers and said that the claims were a hoax.

We’ve repeatedly run aerial, stills and affiliate footage of the van throughout the day, all of which was shown without any editing.

This is in fact a hoax.

A report on the Fox News website also gives a description of the stickers. It reads as follows:

Sayoc's white van, which was plastered with stickers of Trump, the presidential seal and other political signage, including pictures of the likes of Hillary Clinton with crosshairs over them, was seized by authorities and taken to a secure facility.

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