Fox News finds old pictures of Obama in Islamic dress, reacts exactly how you'd expect

Picture: Fox News/YouTube
Picture: Fox News/YouTube

Fox News is at it again.

The Bill O'Reilly Factor, hosted by the titular fiery political commentator, discovered old photographs of a young Barack Obama in - shock! horror! - Islamic attire.

In Wednesday's 'Talking Points' about Isis, O'Reilly delivered this rambling monologue analysis:

The Jihad is solely based on theology... President Obama as we all know won’t even use the words 'Islamic terrorism'.

They are Islamic driven killers.

Not to worry. O'Reilly's found the secret Obama has been hiding.

If the President of the United States does not define the terror issue clearly, here’s why:

Picture: Fox News

O'Reilly's scathing critique is based on photos of Obama attending his half brother's wedding.

The Factor has obtained pictures allegedly from that wedding which we believe was held in Maryland.

Obama appears to have attended his brother Malik's wedding in 1991 because, well that's what brothers do.

But O'Reilly is sceptical.

Details of the ceremony, of the exact location and whether the reports that Barack Obama was the best man are very difficult to verify at this point.

Picture: Fox News

But one thing we can tell you with certainty is that Obama has deep, emotional ties to Islam.

O'Reilly, Obama probably has deep emotional ties to his family.

It's not that serious.

You can watch the supposed exposé below:

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