Fox News host calls out politicians who ‘cut and run’ on air with Ted Cruz — who did just that

Fox News host Harris Faulkner condemned politicians who leave their jurisdictions when things go awry — whilst on air with one well known for doing just that: Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Whilst discussing Democrats who left the state in an attempt to block the House from passing a restrictive voting bill, Faulkner decried the politicians for their alleged un-Texas like behaviour. “What I know with my relatives in Texas, we don’t do, [is] we don’t cut and run,” she said to Cruz, who vehemently agreed despite having “cut and run” himself.

Indeed, earlier this year, the Senator, who enthusiastically agreed with Faulkner’s claim about Democrats, fled in the midst like of a state-wide power crisis that left millions of Texans without food, water or heat. Hundreds of Cruz’s constituents literally froze to death in darkness while the politician opted instead for a vacation in Cancun — until he was outed and forced to return with his tail between his legs.

Faulkner’s oversight isn’t particularly surprising, however, considering Cruz himself seems to be living in denial. Cruz has denounced the opposing political party for departing Texas before, ignoring the reality of his own winter storm sabbatical.

“What you’re seeing the Democrats do here — it is a political stunt,” he told hosts Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino on Fox News’ America Newsroom. “This is at the end of the day, politics, and they need to get back to doing their jobs.”

Twitter was quick to point out Cruz’s hypocrisy, however, reminding him of the Cancun conundrum.

Take note, Senator Cruz. Next time it snows, remember that Texans don’t cut and run.

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