Gary Lineker has scored a goal against fellow football pundit Matt Le Tissier after the latter made a pretty odd claim about the flu and Covid.

Posting on Twitter, Le Tissier questioned why scientists have “never” tried to defeat flu in the same way as they have Covid, despite the fact that they quite clearly have – through the flu vaccine.

And Lineker let him know just that, much to the delight of those on social media who shared the response:

Lineker is not the only famous figure to put Le Tissier in his place. He was also given a dressing down by novelist Claire Coleman and sports pundit Aaron West, among others:

Meanwhile, a few others on social media said Le Tissier had a point as flu has never necessitated lockdowns or huge restrictions. But people were quick to let them know that flu has never spread in such an uncontrollable fashion and caused huge pressure on the NHS, as the coronavirus pandemic has done.

Over the past 18 months, other people have frequently drawn false parallels between flu and coronavirus, like Chet Hanks, for instance, who charmingly told people to “get over it”. Every time they do so, they are utterly derided.

When will they learn?

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