Gavin Williamson, the education secretary, has been mocked by Piers Morgan after the Good Morning Britain presenter said he seemed “a lot more comfortable” being interviewed by school children.

Sharing a clip from his interview with pupils from Broadclyst Primary School in Devon, Williamson tweeted: “I did a round of media interviews today but my chat with Rudey and Lyra was by far the most enjoyable – thank you for having me on BTV.

“PS [Piers Morgan] and [Susanna Reid] you’ve got some very talented stand-ins waiting in the wings!”

Responding to the post, Morgan agreed and added: “You seem a lot more comfortable with that age group of interrogator, Mr Secretary.”

In the short video, pupil and co-host Rudy is seen asking the education secretary what challenges schools will face over the next year.

Williamson, appearing more relaxed than with other interviewees, replied: “I think there are lots of challenges, the first one is welcoming all children back into school on 8 March, making sure that we do everything that we can to support schools so they’re ready in order to welcome children back.

“I think children will have missed out a lot with their friends, the time they spend with their friends and also the time they spend with their teachers, so helping children and supporting the schools to help you catch up I think is going to be the real big challenge over the next year.”

While Morgan was quick to criticise Williamson’s interview, other Twitter users turned on the GMB presenter, with some questioning his use of ‘interrogator’ and his trademark interviewing style:

In this case, it appears both Williamson and Morgan got schooled.

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