All the best GCSE memes as students face anxious wait for results

All the best GCSE memes as students face anxious wait for results

It is GCSE results day and, however many years it has been, we all can remember the anxiety of waiting to see whether you smashed your exams or not.

Around 500,000 students will pick up their results today, which have been decided by teachers after formal exams were scrapped for a second year in a row due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has congratulated “hard-working” students ahead of a nerve-racking morning and said pupils “should feel proud of their achievements”.

Meanwhile, students are predicted to do better than usual as Ofqual has found teacher-assessed results tend to be higher than exam-assessed results, and last year’s results saw a rise in the number of students receiving top grades.

Regardless, students are anxiously finding out what they got and having sleepless nights, so thank goodness they can rely on Twitter to pass the time sharing memes about their experiences.

Some say they were manifesting good results. Fair enough!

Others are questioning whether they still have time to revise. We don’t think so, unfortunately.

Many say waiting around to find out their fate is frustrating.

And many are threatening their teachers to give them good marks. Alarming stuff.

Others, still, are planning what they will say to their parents if they don’t do as well as expected:

But they are all grateful that the memes are providing a good level of distraction on this nail-biting morning.

We wish them all good luck!

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