The last few weeks (months? years?) in British politics have been such a whirlwind, it's hard to keep up.

One person who can't even keep up is our own prime minister, who announced his general election campaign from...the back of a car.

Seriously. Just take a look at this video that he released on Thursday.

Many people on Twitter were quick to mock him, with some pointing out the hilarity in phrases like: "oven ready...slam it in the microwave!"

"We've got to go for an election now, clear this thing out", he bizarrely proclaimed, while blaming Labour for the fact that Brexit didn't happen yesterday.

The video's hasty mobile phone-filming style, plus the fact that he wasn't wearing a seat belt, made Johnson a laughing stock as it became pretty clear that he'd made it in a rush.

But hey, who among us has time to keep up with politics right now?

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