Labour MP Jess Phillips calls out Boris Johnson's parenting skills at PMQs

The question of how many children Boris Johnson has fathered is increasingly being weaponised by his political opponents.

The latest in this long line is Jess Phillips, who didn’t hold back when asking the prime minister about education during PMQs.

While paying tribute to outgoing speaker John Bercow, whose children were reportedly in the Commons at the time, the Labour MP said:

I know you take your responsibility to your children incredibly seriously ... and now to the Prime Minister.

Later in her speech, Ms Phillips revealed her 11-year-old son and hundreds of other children in her Birmingham constituency are in "supersized" classes and are only being educated for four-and-a-half days a week. She finished by saying:

The prime minister is responsible for the children in this country, and while he might struggle with that personally, will he today commit that there will be a minimum number of children in every class post the election and every single child will be able to go to school for five days a week.

Some congratulated the Labour MP on her speech.

But others were divided on Ms Phillips using the prime minister's personal life for political point scoring.

Mr Johnson failed to assure that, if he remains prime minister after the election, children will be able to go to school five days a week.

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