Brexit: Gina Miller becomes a meme after installing 'fragile' Irish border

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One of the most prominent anti-Brexit campaigners, Gina Miller, has today installed her own Irish border to demonstrate the fragility of the situation.

The campaigner, who is heading a movement called 'End the Chaos', visited the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and has said that the area could become the 'new Calais' if Brexit negotiations go awry.

Ahead of her visit to Northern Ireland, Ms Miller wrote on the End the Chaos blog:

The unravelling of our EU membership brings into question the future of the cross-border institutions created by the landmark 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the vitality of Ireland’s economy and the strength of her communities.

We are talking about – and the Chancellor of the Exchequer has conceded this will happen in the event of the increasing likelihood of a 'no deal' – a return to a hard border. That will mean border guards, control points and barriers, fences, disrupted traded, bureaucracy and divided families and communities.

The people of Northern Ireland, in particular, have every reason to feel aggrieved. This is not being done in their name. They voted decisively in 2016 to remain in the EU, by 56% to 44%.

Her visit to Newry comes with good intentions and a clear willingness to help both the people of Ireland and Northern Ireland in this uncertain time.

However, Ms Miller has also posed for a photo on the border behind police tape reading 'fragile.' The image is clearly supposed to invoke a metaphor but instead, it has been mocked on social media.

The image is clearly supposed to invoke a metaphor but instead, it has been mocked on social media for its overall strangeness.

Paul Curry of BuzzFeed found multiple uses for the tape too:

Miller's efforts have won the support of the former American Senator, George Miller who called on the leaders of the respective UK and EU countries to reflect on their responsibilities:

I hope that the current leaders of Northern Ireland, of Ireland, of the United Kingdom, and of the European Union, as they today reflect on their responsibilities, will look back twenty years to what their predecessors did.

The political leaders of that time, in dangerous and difficult circumstances, after lifetimes devoted to conflict, summoned extraordinary courage and vision and reached agreement, often at great risk to themselves, their families, their political careers.

At The Independent, we believe that the British people should have a Final Say on the Brexit deal.

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