By now, it’s become apparent one of the great joys of video calling is not having to put trousers on.

Whether Skyping your family or holding a Zoom meeting with your boss, most webcams only capture the torso upwards.

So while your top half needs to be presentable, your trunk can run wild and free.

Unfortunately for one ABC reporter, this method went slightly awry yesterday.

Will Reeve – who is the son of late Superman actor Christopher Reeve – presented a segment on pharmacies for Good Morning America from his living room, dressed smartly in a suit jacket and… no trousers.

Filming himself, he’d clearly not clocked that his camera scope could pick up his pelvic area.

And the internet quickly spotted the missing item of clothing.

Some people helpfully reminded him.

Others snitched to his employers (who have eyes anyway, they definitely clocked it).

And to many he was simply “relatable”.

For his part, Reeve responded with embarrassment but good humour.

He later clarified what had gone wrong: a wide shot and preparation for his post GMA workout.

Great excuse, borrowing that.

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