You know it's come to something when Piers Morgan becomes the voice of reason.

Yet that's sort of what happened this morning when two Labour activists ended up in a screaming match with each other on Good Morning Britain.

Grace Blakeley, a writer and Labour supporter, tried to make the argument that the electorate was broadly in favour of Labour policies, but that it was supporting a second referendum which lost them the election.

Also on the panel was Ayesha Hazarika, a fellow Labour supporter.

One would assume she and Blakeley would have plenty to argue about with the Tories on the panel, but instead they ended up shouting over each other.

Hazarika responded to Blakeley's argument saying:

What about Scotland? Scotland is a Remain country and they didn't vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Blakeley continued to talk over her, and Hazarika said:

This is why Jeremy Corbyn lost.

At this point, it was all just chaos: no one seemed to be listening to each other and no one watching could possibly discern what was happening.

That's when Piers Morgan stepped in, shushing away and telling everybody to "pipe down". And for once, it's hard to disagree.

He said:

This, right here, is the Labour party's problem.

Susanna Reid then went in to twist the knife:

They're all part of the same party...

Over on Twitter, the general expletive-laden consensus is that it was pretty poor show from a party which notoriously struggles to find common ground among its own members.

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