Greg Dyke on Ched Evans: 'It's not an important issue'

Greg Dyke on Ched Evans: 'It's not an important issue'

FA Chairman Greg Dyke has been criticised after appearing to dismiss the Ched Evans case as "not an important issue".

After being asked about the convinced rapist's case on BBC Newsnight by presenter Laura Kuenssberg after an interview on alleged Fifa corruption, he said: "It’s not an important issue".

He then quickly clarified, saying. “It is an important issue but not in terms of what we, we’re here, and what you asked me to come on and talk about." His comments are from 5:30 in the video below.

Oliver Holt, the chief sports writer of the Daily Mirror tweeted: "Sorry, but if Greg Dyke goes on Newsnight, he should expect to be asked about Ched Evans and he should have a coherent view. That was a fail", while the End Violence Against Women coalition tweeted: "Greg Dyke: football corruption is an important issue, rape isn't" with a link to the interview.

Dyke's comments came after three of Sheffield United's charity patrons resigned over Evans being allowed to return to train with the club. Jessica Ennis-Hill has said she wants her name to be removed from a stand if the club do re-sign Evans.

Sheffield United say they have not yet made a decision about whether to re-sign Evans, who was jailed for rape in April 2012.

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