If you didn’t already have enough reasons to love 16 year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, we’re about to give you another one.

After emerging as an unlikely figurehead of the growing climate justice movement, Thunberg has gotten under the skin of just about every middle aged man with a Twitter account.

From Jeremy Clarkson to Toby Young, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, there’s something about Greta that men-of-a-certain-age can’t stand.

So much so, that there was even a helpline set up for men who are angry at the teen climate activist.

Now the leader of the pack, Piers Morgan, has launched a bizarre Twitter attack on Thunberg.

Upon hearing the news that Thunberg is tipped to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Morgan has said that she “attacks adults all the time”.

Yes, Piers Morgan said this. Piers. Morgan. *Piers Morgan*.

Naturally, Twitter found the idea of Morgan (a who spends much of his time trolling people online) painting Thunberg as some sort of abuser completely ridiculous.

We reckon that Piers is just annoyed that he's never fist-bumped Barack Obama, right?

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