There’s a Greta Thunberg Helpline for 'middle aged men' who are angry with her

There’s a Greta Thunberg Helpline for 'middle aged men' who are angry with her

Greta Thunberg has a simple message: save the planet. And yet her campaign has attracted vitriol from the likes of politicians, pundits and regular folk – and now there’s a helpline available for their needs.

ABChas launched the Greta Thunberg Helpline, “for adults angry at a child.”

There’s even a great marketing video released for adults – be it “middle-aged men” or Twitter users whose profile picture is an egg – to help them come to terms with their rage.

The hilarious video begins with a man sitting on a sofa. “Hi,” he began. “I’m a middle-aged man with an embarrassing problem. I get irrationally angry at a Swedish girl who wants to save the planet.”

He said:

Luckily, there’s now a number I can call.


A voiceover continued:

If you’re a grown adult who needs to yell at a child for some reason, the Greta Thunberg Helpline is here to tolerate you.

So, what, exactly is the issue with Greta?

“She’s just fuelling needless anxiety,” one bespectacled man said. “She’s making the end of the world sound like it’s the end of the world.”

Another man spoke furiously into a phone: “This whole charade’s gone too far. Now I see she’s speaking in front of a mock UN!”

A woman on the other end of the phone said: “...Sir that was the real UN.”

Greta, for one, loved the parody video, and tweeted it out with the following reassuring words to those angry with her for caring about the environment: "Hang in there! Help is available."

Others loved the tongue-in-cheek message to the haters

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