Jeremy Clarkson has become the latest over-privileged white middle-aged man to come for a 16-year-old child trying to save the planet and it's barely news because this is the world we live in now.

He decided to dedicate his entire column for The Sun to calling Greta Thunberg a "spoilt brat" and basically suggesting she should be grateful to his generation for... Well, it's unclear exactly what. Being in the army and inventing iPhones, by the sounds of it.

Pause for a moment to consider how soundly you sleep at night, knowing that adults are building and servicing and flying Sweden’s fighter planes to keep you safe. We gave you mobile phones and laptops and the internet. We created the social media you use every day and we run the banks that pay for it all.

Luckily, irrational bullying of teenagers doesn't run in the family, and Clarkson's daughter Emily wasn't having it.

She very visibly subtweeted her dad, wishing all "middle aged blokes" could speak about Thunberg as positively as comedian John Bishop.

The family feud of Twitter dreams didn't stop there - Jeremy decided to weigh in and got dragged.

The entire internet be like:

And it doesn't stop there, Emily expertly shut down the rest of the inexplicably angry boomer dudes trying to come for her.

But aside from the handful of Jeremy stans, people were living for Emily's clapbacks.

Jeremy gave up on his non-existent argument at that point. We take that as a concession to Emily and are very much here for it.

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